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Back here again. Although it looks like the first entry, but that's because I deleted all those old ones from 2003-07. But I am wondering if Diaryland might be the only human part of the internet left.

Instead of those auto-generated lists of people I'm told I should follow on Twitter -- who yell at each other in bursts of 250 characters and I end up irritated with for being like-me and yet not-like-me, because corporate social media demands our fine-grained social stratification and has programmed this into our thinking as we use [are used by] their platforms -- what about people who may be not-much-like-me, with all their nuance and context and micro-weirdnesses? I prefer this. I wish the world was still more like this, with a greater understanding of differences instead of pressure to be the same, splitting off and yelling in smaller and smaller factions. Maybe I was delusional that it was ever like this, but it felt more like it than it does now, once.

* * *

Everything continues to be completely nuts. It's hard not to stare at the news and read the analysis and predictions constantly. We went to a protest on Wednesday evening. I have so much work to do, and my work at the moment is writing an index for a book about the rise of fascism in Germany between WW1 and 2 so the shift from staring at the 2019 news and reading the 1919 news is troubling, though interesting. But I am starting to miss having a proper break from political reality by immersing myself in proofreading chemistry books, which is extremely relaxing because chemistry just *is* and there's no arguing about it. (Or at least, if anyone tried to they'd just be laughed at... but wait, shouldn't that be the case with climate-change deniers?)

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