I need to find the word or the shorter way of saying the phrase "loss in distinction between the moderate and radical left as perceived by the middle classes" for the index I am doing.

The more I think about it the more I consider indexing to be a bit like songwriting, in the sorting through all the big net-load of concepts and clarifying and distilling the most critical ones and throwing back the ones that turn out to be not so important for this particular piece of work. I've never made an index before (and I don't even know if the author knows this because G passed the work on to me because she was too busy) and I think I've only recently started to understand *how* I write songs. But trying to find one word for a fairly large-yet-specific concept seems to be common to both.

I did some song-arranging too -- putting synth and organ parts onto something that was just a skeleton and had been sitting there for a bit with just vocal and piano. And it was kind of fine with just vocal and piano but also needed to be more. I worry about adding too much and distracting from the vocal and reducing its emotional impact. But I'm becoming less afraid of too much counterpoint these days -- partly because B keeps encouraging me to do it, whereas in the past people have told me "no that's too busy" and I've shied away from it, but also I've finally become able to write an extra part that seems to enhance the emotional impact of the vocal line rather than steal from it. (I think, anyway.)

Ha, I was really expecting to write less cerebral stuff on here than I just have. Enough.

Also I really needed macaroni cheese yesterday so I made some, and there are leftovers for lunch and I am HAVING THEM NOW. I have a dim memory now of having a rather inebriated rant to A the other night after the gig about how most of the macaroni cheese in the world is made incorrectly and is fraud-macaroni-cheese, and she said her partner makes something called macaroni cheese souffle and it is the best form of macaroni cheese in the world and that I must try it some time. I am suspicious; but on the other hand apparently it contains four different kinds of cheese. (I had several inebriated rants the other night, and one of them was about Facebook. But both ranted-at persons appear to still be speaking to me affectionately enough.)

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