The weird thing about living so far from everyone I know (well, one of the weird things) is that I have no idea how much everyone's freaking out at the news because we can't just go and sit in the pub and rant about it. And discussing the news is not something that many of us are that comfortable doing over email or text (or, at least, most people don't do that with me). So our communications are either regular organising-the-next-thing-we're-doing, as if everything is normal, or silly fun distractions to take our minds off it. People I know who are on Twitter have largely stopped using it, as have I for the moment. I don't know if our particular little hive mind has just backed away from the culture-war-machine, contagiously with each other. Before, it was the channel through which we could broadcast to each other "I am freaking out about this thing too" through the medium of retweets. But on the whole, not a good system.

It's just that the silence about the state of things makes me worry about them and how they're feeling and wish I could take care of them a bit. But it's so hard to do it by remote-text comms, and hardly anyone wants to use telephones for talking any more. But I guess the silly text messages help us all, and I don't think anyone thinks I'm being oblivious. Nobody's saying "how dare you flippantly send me an unexplained duck emoji when the government just announced that it's officially going to be selective about which laws it's going to follow?"

Which reminds me that last night I told D in a text message that I've sent a parrot to his house (long story, beer had been consumed), so I'd better actually make some sort of parrot and send it there, now he's expecting one.

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