google is actually not going to phone you and tell you a code


Ah, now I am all organised to play some music with R at the village-fete-type thing (except it is in a city) in October and this makes me happy.

Tonight we are getting a takeaway curry, which is T's idea ("to celebrate parliamentary democracy") and he has also requested wine. I am obviously not going to argue with any of this.

He is going to collect the curry, on the basis that I did the phoning-up and ordering the curry. Which meant I had to phone a stranger, which I don't normally like doing, but in the case of ordering a curry it is less frightening because the person on the end of the phone is thoroughly expecting people to do ordering-of-curries from them.

It is not, for example, like a thing I used to do in my old job long ago, which was phone people up out of the blue and tell them that they were shortly going to receive an automated phonecall from Google, and that during this phonecall, Google was going to tell them a four-digit code, and that they must write this down and then call me back and tell me what the code was. Because WHO expects that sort of phonecall? I mean, they had a little bit of context because the company I worked for was doing SEO for their website, and they obviously knew this was a general area that might be addressed. I was in charge of validating their Google Business Listings (that is, when Google did not arbitrarily decline to give them any validation which was VERY stressful of it, thanks Google). But it still felt extremely awkward explaining about it, and also I was in an open plan office which made me even more self-conscious.

Fortunately I got drunk at a work-drinks-thing and blurted to one of my colleagues that I didn't like doing this thing, and he said he would do it from now on because he had no problem with it at all and nobody wanted me to have to do things that I hated when other people didn't hate them, and everything was fine thenceforth. I heard him do it several times and he was much better at it than me, all clear and coherent and not-freaked-out.

The moral is: get drunk with your colleagues, and tell them the truth.

(This probably does not work for all situations.)

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