The index is done! Completed and approved yesterday; the first one I've done, but the two people who've seen it seem impressed with it. Maybe it is "good for a first attempt" but still... there were several points at which I was convinced that it was Just Too Hard and I was too stupid and would never be able to do it and would have to give up and hand it over to someone else. But in the end it turned out all right. AND I met the deadline; and I also met the other deadline that was colliding with it. The Other Deadline was doing some work for a university organisation so was all chaos and too many people involved and things changing at the last minute and it was stressful and I made mistakes, but also witnessed other people making mistakes too, so maybe mine will not seem so terrible.

Anyway. I am not used to all this deadlininess because I have spent the last six years with zero deadlines, with all of my work simply being "make things, put them on the internet for sale, hope people buy them". This did not lead to me having much of an income. No-deadlines isn't exactly a motivator. So this is a change towards the stressful side but it's sort of energising. I don't feel all numb and sludgey any more. And now I am going to have a week off, sort of, and go busking/gallivanting/seeing some of my favourite humans in Newcastle tomorrow.

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