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At the weekend was an utterly beautiful Saturday, with busking on the bridge at the food market and meeting up with friends (both planned and unexpected), walking through the park, sitting in a sunny beer garden talking and playing music and drinking beer-that-was-not-too-strong until the bits of the lawn that had sun on them gradually got eaten up by shadows.

And not everything went perfectly and idyllically -- for one thing I left my violin on the train in the morning and was VERY lucky that the train had terminated at the stop I got off at so I could run back and retrieve it and say thank you to the driver and conductor a zillion times and feel extremely thankful the violin was not now heading for Scotland, which would have ruined the entire day and possibly the whole of the next month or year (it's not an easily replaceable sort of violin) -- but it was one of those days that I think I'll remember as a highlight of the year. Not because it was any kind of big, planned, special event, but for its gentle relaxed normalness, a tiny respite in the middle of everything that is so not-normal now. And the weather helped. But mostly it was that the company was so wonderful.

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