Yesterday, a bike ride that edged into the dusk, for the first time this autumn. Apricot sky and big grey horse chestnut trees, the sight of which always makes me feel five years old, back in misty, clumpy fields, out on walks with my dad.

Also yesterday I got a bit excited because a new author wanted me to make an index, but then for some reason they seemed to think that my job was simply to fill in page numbers for every occurrence of a list of keywords they'd sent, by doing a text search. One of these words occurred 139 times in the text, and another didn't appear at all, and one of them was the word "universal" which is *so* not a heading for an index. So I emailed them very politely and thoroughly explaining that this wasn't what the job is. I really hope they don't email back. (Also the book is trying to prove the existence of God, so I doubly hope they don't email back.)

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