Genuinely, I want to get on with doing proofreading, but I suddenly have lots of jewellery to make because I foolishly agreed to a wholesale order, because I'd got so used to living hand to mouth, and MONEY was offered -- and now I have too much work. And making jewellery is kind of dull after doing it all this time. I want to read these academic papers and learn about stuff. It makes my brain feel all alive and focused and like it's replenishing itself, instead of the anxious mulling that there's space for when stringing up a necklace.

There was a music workshop in York at the weekend, and also a lovely meal with friends at night in a cosy flat while it rained, heavily, forever, and we nested on the sofa and laughed and were serious and drank things until a late sort of a time. And then afterwards, unusually for me in my away-from-home mode, I fell asleep so easily in the squishy bed-that-eats-you. I appreciate evenings like that so much, now.

The clocks have changed, which has, as always, activated the strange little seasonal mechanism in my head which tells me I should be under a blanket watching Star Trek.

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