flags and hares and my immune system


About a week ago, someone on our street put up a huge flagpole in their front garden, with a massive union jack on it. It made me quite sad. It was outside one of the more well-to-do, smart-looking places, one that's recently had quite a lot of work done on it. I don't know what prompted it; but then I remembered that probably one of the reasons people put flags up is when they're feeling threatened and I wondered if those people were feeling like maybe Brexit isn't going to happen.

I went for a walk and I surprised a hare, which ran under a gorse bush and was all sinewy and muscular and purposeful, and seeing the hare slightly negated the flagpole-feelings. I went back home and told T about the hare, and he said that hares are the professionals at being lagomorphs, whereas rabbits are just kind of hobbyists.

The next day the flagpole wasn't there again. So maybe they aren't feeling threatened after all and that was just a practice-run for when they are going to fly it smugly if/when we actually leave the EU. I don't know if that's the actual situation; obviously I'm just guessing. Argh, though.

Anyway, after that I got flu, the real thing, not just a cold, which was rather a shock and has rendered me useless and has severely screwed my work timetable but everyone is being really nice to me. Some of my clients have sent such kind emails and my friends are lovely -- I mean, my friends are always lovely, but I'm sure that receiving their especially caring communications has got to be good for the immune system.

Maybe I will fly a flag with a hare on it. (Except I currently can't get out of bed, and when I do I will have so much work to catch up on that I will definitely not have time to make a hare flag.)

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