ok not ok


I thought I'd completely lost the ability to cook anything nice but I just made a weird baked potato filling that turned out to be really good (pre-cooked spring greens, chives, ground caraway seeds, lemon juice, yoghurt, black pepper, salt) and would make it again even in such times when cheese is available (which it now isn't). Also I have decided on balance that I don't actually like wild garlic that much. It's ok. Chives are better.

I am ok, although also I know that really I am not ok underneath because whenever I see words that look a bit like poetry my brain decides that we are not going to read them, because that way lies Feeling Emotions. And I am mostly listening to Bob Dylan, because he is simultaneously familiar and reassuring but also strange and alien, because he always has been, and thus I maintain equilibrium. I accidentally listened to Tom Waits last night, who is mostly strange and alien too, but then occasionally hits a nerve or two right in the ganglions. Still, probably better to release emotions in a controlled manner while multitasking with the washing up. Saves time.

There are about 4 different things I want to work on right now and thus I am working on none of them because I cannot choose which.

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