lockdown, which no different from how I spent the last two weeks


Scared, and angry at people still acting like idiots and even being vicious arseholes now we've finally gone into lockdown, though I guess they're the minority. I hope? I am bubbled, of course. Most people are being nicer and more considerate than usual, I like to think. Man across the road said hi when I put the recycling out yesterday. But from my window I see people chatting in the street and standing too close and I worry.

Yesterday I made the tiny new nettle leaves in my garden into a nettle omelette, because we'd run out of veg. We subsequently obtained more vegetables. But they way things are going I'm inclined to hunker down with lentil sprouts and nettles rather than go out to get more once we've run out.

There are still curlews to be heard during my One Form of Exercise. There is a hell of lot of air pollution hanging visibly in the valley today though, so it's actually healthier to stay in the house.

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