everything must now become salad


T says, "the solution is simple: make Janelle MonĂ¡e and Patrick Stewart joint president of the Earth". I can't remember what this was supposed to be the solution to. (Perhaps, everything?)

We went out for a walk in the sunset. I heard the first curlews that I've heard this year. I don't know where they go for the winter but they've only just come back to the fields near us. I missed them.

Everyone is emailing and checking in with each other and my band is figuring out how to make multi-tracked music videos from remote locations. (Well, mostly I am telling them how to do it and they are being enthusiastic about the principle, which makes me feel a great responsibility to make it work, suddenly.)

We are almost completely out of fresh vegetables and I have no idea how or when we're going to get any more, but I am sprouting some mung beans, and will also sprout some lentils when I've improvised a second sprouting jar. Currently reading about what other things can be sprouted on the internet. I mean, not sprouted on the internet; one cannot use the internet as a sprouting medium. You know what I mean. I am going to fill the kitchen with alarming-looking germinating things, anyway. Nobody will be able to visit and be alarmed by them, of course.

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